Meisterin Agatha Wanderer, MKA Rachel Case

I am an independent researcher of historical textiles. My main focus is reconstruction of the 15th century textiles of Lengberg Castle in Tyrol, Austria. In 2015 I was awarded the Janet Arnold Award, a travel grant for the study of western historical textiles. I was able to travel to Innsbruck, Austria to study the Lengberg textiles. I have been reconstructing garments from this find since.

In 2017, I presented a paper about some of the Lengberg garments at the Northern European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles alongside Beatrix Nutz and Marion McNealy.

I have also cowritten a paper on one of the sprang garments in the Lengberg find, titled Enigmatic Beauty, The Decorative Headwear of Lengberg Castle, available on Academia.edu.

I have been a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in the East Kingdom for about 12 years. I reside in the Barony of Endewearde (Central Maine).

I am a companion of the Orders of the Laurel, the Maunche, and the Silver Crescent.

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