Getting started on the Calontir Clothing Challenge

Trossfrau/Kampfrau Kit

In the last 6 months, I’ve really lost my medieval Sew-Jo. So when I saw a fellow SCAdian post about the Calontir Clothing Challenge over on Facebook, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get my creative juices going again.

The challenge started October 1st. It’s the 2nd, and I think I have everything just about ready to sew.

I’m challenging myself to create an entire Trossfrau/Kampfrau kit from the skin out. The clothing challenge requires four layers, one of which cannot be a sewn item. This will be stretch for me, since I have focused on clothing from the 15th century for the past 5 or 6 years. My colors will reflect my barony’s, which are black, yellow, and white. As the baroness of my group, this will be a striking ensemble. My husband will also have Landsknecht garb to match!

The layers


Skirted Bra: The layer closest to my skin will be a skirted “bra” very similar

to the Lengberg skirted bra (from the mid-15th century). Instead of cups, the bust area will sport a gathered panel. This layer is of light/white linen.

Shirt/Hemd: The next layer over the skirted bra is the shirt or hemd. This will be a high-collar smocked linen shirt with embroidered elements along the neck and cuffs.

Hose: Short hose will be made in wool, either plain black or maybe striped!

Outer layer

Gown: This layer will be in yellow wool, with black guards and embellishments. This will be fussy, but hopefully classy. I hope to incorporate “slashing” in the shoulders and/or elbows.

Gollar: A short “cape” like garment with simple embellishments also in yellow and black wool.


For the head: Wulsthaube, schleier (veil)/bonnet, Tellerbarret (flat, wide-brimmed wool hat)

For the body: simple leather belt and leather pouch with pouchlets.

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