Calontir Clothing Challenge: The Underwear Layer Part 1: Skirted Bra

Lengberg Skirted Bra Reconstruction by Rachel Case, NESAT XIII
Potter, Ambras Court Playing Cards, c. 1455
Broadside of a Nuremberg bath attendant; with a hand-coloured woodcut of a lightly dressed female holding two pails of water, and with letterpress verses in German. (Nuremberg, Drechsel: [c.1585])

I will be creating a similar garment to the Lengberg skirted bra, but the cups will be replaced with a gathered panel, similar to the Potter in the Ambras Court playing card above, c. 1455, and the broadside image of a Nuremberg bath attendant, c. 1585. These two images are over 100 years apart, and yet depict very similar garments. I think it is plausible as an undergarment layer for my Trossfrau kit.

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